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Winter can be an isolating time. For neighbours who struggle to get out, the TV can become the go-to company, and Christmas parties can feel like another universe. 

That's why, over the past eight years, The Cares Family has delivered 16 Winter Wellbeing projects, helping older and younger people alike to stay warm, active and connected – to one another and to their wider communities.

During those eight years, across North London Cares, South London Cares, Manchester Cares and Liverpool Cares, Winter Wellbeing has led to:

We're proud of that proactive outreach, which doesn't just help people during the coldest period of the year, but which brings people into our wider community networks so that older and younger people alike can enjoy the magic of intergenerational connection year-round. 

If you'd like to support this work in your own community, you can donate to:

Or you can get involved in the brand new East London Cares too!

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