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Finding connection in a disconnected age

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is a group of local community networks of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing cities.

We do this because while our big cities are amazing - full of people from all over the world and hotbeds of innovation and change - they can also be anonymous, lonely and isolating.

With globalisation, gentrification, urban transience, housing bubbles and digitisation changing our communities faster than ever before, older people in particular can feel left out and left behind.

But young people are increasingly feeling disconnected from community too. In fact, while older people are the loneliest age group in the country, people from 21 to 35 are the second loneliest group – and some studies even say they're the loneliest. 

Clearly these different groups have so much to gain from one another - in sharing time, laughter, new experiences and friendship. Sibling charities in sibling urban communities, The Cares Family's branches aim to:

  • Reduce loneliness and isolation amongst older and younger people alike;
  • Improve neighbours' confidence, connection, belonging, purpose and power so that everyone can feel part of our changing world rather than left behind by it.
  • Bring people together to bridge social, generational, digital, cultural and attitudinal divides.

Our Local Charities

The Cares Family currently operates five branches, each run at the local level:

  • North London Cares
  • Liverpool Cares
  • Manchester Cares
  • South London Cares
  • East London Cares

To find out more, watch the short films: