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Not all love is romantic. In fact, there are stories of connection, community, friendship and gratitude across The Cares Family's Love Your Neighbour programmes.

This Valentine's Day we wanted to share some of the stories – stories of shared heritage and hope, fun and friendship – from older and younger neighbours across The Cares Family.

In East London, Maggie and Lewis are exploring some of the places that make the East End so enchanting:

In Manchester, 84-year old Frank and 28-year-old Annabelle have shared 72 hours of diving into some of what makes the city amazing:

Over in Liverpool, Sophia and Ellen, Kate and Joan have been building meaningful new friendships across the ages:

While in south London, Mary and Kate, Delcene and Lisa, Irene and Tom, and Jemma, John and Archer the dog have been sharing time, laughter and new experiences together:

Finally, in north London, older and younger neighbours have been building friendships in so many ways, showing how finding connection in a disconnected age can mean so much:

We're so thrilled to see all the love that's out there in the community. Human relationships matter and they matter enormously in times of challenge and change.

And by sharing time, neighbours young and old can feel a real sense of belonging – part of our changing world, rather than left behind by it.

Find out more, and get involved:

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