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Not all love is romantic. In fact, there are stories of connection and community across The Cares Family's Love Your Neighbour programme.

So this February 14th we wanted to celebrate the many tales of heritage and hope and fun and friendship shared by older and younger neighbours every single day – through Liverpool Cares, Manchester Cares, South London Cares and North London Cares.

In north London Lavanya pops by neighbour Rita during her lunch breaks, gaining a much needed break from her PhD studies:

Below the river, in Vauxhall, g​ood friends Delcene and Lisa have been meeting up weekly for six months. Delcene says: ​“It’s good to sit and talk to someone for an hour. It opens my mind. I don’t sit on my own worrying about those little things when I’m talking."

In Manchester Norman and David share stories of their mutual passion for Manchester United:

In Liverpool, Kathy and Sarah have bonded over colourful hair and even more colourful personalities:

And there's Olive who at 103 has shared 111 one-to-one hours with her younger neighbours:

There are even amazing community connections being forged in Doncaster by Mike – who over six and a half years of friendship with Mitzi through North London Cares was so inspired that he's now bringing older and younger people together back in his hometown:

Thank you to everyone who brings love and laughter to their communities – today and every day, it means the world.

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